Access to our grounds and Facilities

Franciscan Gardens

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The gardens are composed of many different pathways, surfaces and gradients and the visitor route is prominently a mix of grass and gravel. There are several benches and spaces in the gardens and additional seating on the first floor of the chapel.

Our shop has an inclusive toilet.

We welcome dogs and have a water bowl for any pets.


Greyfriars Chapel

The flooring in the entire Greyfriars Chapel is wooden. Please be aware that the flooring is uneven and can be slippery.

Greyfriars  Chapel access

There are two steps to enter the chapel. The first step is 22mm, followed by a 12mm step

Greyfriars Chapel access

After entertting the Chapel, the room on the right-hand side has a 21.5mm step.

Greyfriars Chapel access

There is a 10mm step to enter the prison.

Greyfriars Chapel access

The main Chapel is accessed via a 17 step staircase with 18mm. steps.

Wild Meadows

For people bringing dogs to the gardens, please be aware that there is a Ragwort in the meadows which is toxic to dogs.


The Exit

When reaching the exit,
there is unstable gravel.


Steps by the bridge

To continue on the main route, you will need to use four steps by the bridge.

(Alternatively, if you cannot physically make the steps, please let one of the staff know who will show you another route).

Ascending, the sizes of the steps are:

The bottom step is, followed by 6.9mm, 7mm and the top step is 7mm.

The Franciscan Gardens

Victorian Vinery

The main route will lead you through the cheery tree, immediately after will be a slight drop of 8mm.

The Franciscan Gardens

Rear of the shop

As soon you leave the shop there is a large step. From its highest point it is approximately 15.8mm

The Franciscan Gardens