We are taking part in No Mow May!

May 2022

  • We are taking part in No Mow May!

It’s No Mow May!

We are taking part in No Mow May, to support local wildlife and encourage pollinators to visit our gardens! For the whole of May we will be leaving our lawn and meadow spaces to grow wild (aside from a few access paths), allowing British native wildflowers to blossom and produce a feast of nectar for common pollinators such as bees, moths, butterflies, beetles and other small insects.

According to organisation Plantlife “…since the 1930s, we have lost nearly 7.5 million acres (97%) of flower rich meadows and pastures, and with them, vital food for our wildlife and pollinators”. As an organic heritage garden, we work hard to ensure local wildlife and plants are well taken care of. On a larger scale this approach to gardening could have a profound effect on our ability to address major environmental issues globally.

Join us in our support of #NoMowMay, and share your photos of the rich and abundant garden meadow you grow, by tagging us on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag, #franciscangardensloves.

We can’t wait to see your amazing wild spaces!